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Stories from citizens can be an important part of a local government's connection to community. In our experience, city governments can collaborate with local organizations to gather community stories. The city of Durham, for example, worked with the Museum of Durham History, to gather stories related to Durham's 150th anniversary.

StoryHabitat provides a model allowing multiple organizations to collaborate on gathering stories with community impact. Our project with Friends of Waterfront Seattle gathered stories about people's connection to the waterfront as the city underwent a significant expansion of waterfront parks and other public area. And the Museum of Durham History gathered stories related to the development of a bike path used by a wide range of citizens.

Municipalities can gather stories on topics such as:

  • "What is your favorite memory from this year's Durham 150 commemoration?"
  • "How have you witnessed change to the Central Park neighborhood?"
  • "Why is the waterfront project important to the city?"
  • "What is one change you'd make in our community if you were in charge?"


For more information on how your institution might incorporate alumni stories, feel free to schedule a demo below, or contact us on our Contact Page.


StoryKiosk portable setup at Pike Place Market for Friends of Waterfront, Seattle

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