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Brad Larson 3 min read

International Projects: Barnemuseet, Norway's First Children's Museum

It's been a great pleasure working over the last couple years with Midt-Troms Museum in ...
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Brad Larson 7 min read

Puppets, Play, and Climate Resilience

Are there ways museums can make challenging topics like climate change and climate ...
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Brad Larson 3 min read

ACM InterActivity, St. Louis, and AAM, Boston. See you there!

After two years of online conferences during the pandemic, great to be anticipating two ...
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Brad Larson 4 min read

Museum Stories to Support Urban and Regional Planning

In what ways can museums use their public engagement tools — including exhibits and ...
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Brad Larson 6 min read

Using Visitors’ Own Phones in Exhibits: COVID-19 Heroes

Museums have a special role to play advancing the cause of community participation ...
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Brad Larson 6 min read

Phonebooth Storykiosk: Camden High School / Camden County Historical Society

When Camden’s school district and DIGroupArchitecture were planning for Camden’s new high ...
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Brad Larson 5 min read

Community Stories and Libraries: Kingston Public Library

Of new directions in 2020, one of the truly positive ones was our Storykiosk installation ...
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Brad Larson 9 min read

Community Stories: A New Model for Onsite / Offsite Exhibits

Last week we wrote about popup exhibits and their potential for extending the reach of ...
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Brad Larson 8 min read

The Rise of Popup Exhibits: Community Stories During COVID

Popup exhibits have been on the radar for many museums for several years now. These ...
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Brad Larson 10 min read

Gathering Community Stories in a Covid World

How do we connect with museum audiences – their stories and experiences – when even ...
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