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Alumni Associations

StoryHabitat was founded with extensive development public story gathering programs in the museum world, and we now offer the time-tested Story Campaign technology to alumni associations. Onsite recording stations are available for rental at special alumni events, and email-based invitations to record on user’s own devices allow gather stories from near and far.

StoryKiosk, the central exhibit component for gathering stories, has been used for gathering alumni stories, including the commemoration of Harvard Law School's 200th anniversary. Stories were then compiled on a special website developed by the university, and can be see at the HLS Bicentennial Reflections website.

Questions that alumni associations might ask alumni at special gatherings and online using the cloud-based review system include:

  • "Tell us about someone who had a special impact on you..."
  • "Tell us about a life lesson you learned in your time here..."
  • "What advice would you give someone who is just entering the University?"
  • "What was  your favorite class in your studies? Why?"


For more information on how your institution might incorporate alumni stories, feel free to schedule a demo below, or contact us on our Contact Page.

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