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Increase Community Engagement with Story Capturing Kiosks at


Gather voices from your community to inform and inspire other community members to engage with your institution.

Our Mission

We want to make the world a better place through sharing of personal experiences that build community. Our commitment is to make the process easy and enjoyable for institutions as they seek to fulfill their missions.









Birmingham Civil Rights Institute StoryKiosk

Why Work With StoryHabitat

At StoryHabitat, we have one of the deepest track records for story gathering in public spaces, with StoryKiosk installations in museums around the world, awarded the AAM MUSE Award for exceptional technology use. But it's more than the technologywe've developed a time tested workflow to guide institutional partners through a process to gather stories that resonate with their missions.

Institutions We Work With

How StoryHabitatTM Works


 StoryHabitat integrates video story-gathering in exhibits and events with stories recorded on users’ own devices from home. Our cloud-based review system allows staff to review stories and create playlists automatically downloaded to exhibits.


Sample Stories

We work with institutions to gather stories in museum exhibits and other public spaces, at events including anniversary and alumni celebrations, and online using community members' own devices from home.


Cultural Events and Exhibits

Durham 150th Anniversary Reflections

City Planning Feedback

Community Initiative Testimonials

Exhibit Theme Connections

University Alumni Memories

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